damien gilliams sebastian city council


My platform is straightforward and has 10 fundamental, common sense, fiscally conservative planks:
  1. Providing unbiased and forthright public service at a bare minimum or no cost to the taxpayers.
  2. Perpetual stewardship in preserving and protecting our little slice of paradise here in Sebastian.
  3. Truly representative government where every responsible voice is heard, considered and valued.
  4. Maximum public safety and security, 365 days a year 24 hours a day, without exception.
  5. Protecting our fragile environment/ecosystem to affect the best quality of life for all.
  6. Maintaining the lowest tax rate feasible while providing the highest public services possible.
  7. Not just maintaining, but continually upgrading our infrastructure, parks and other public places.
  8. Developing all of our economic possibilities and creating outstanding employment opportunities.
  9. Continually promoting the unsurpassed beauty, tranquility and majesty of Sebastian to the world.
  10. Ensuring that we can pass on to our children a more precious legacy than we were entrusted with.

All Aboard Florida

I say stop All Aboard Florida dead in its tracks! Prevent the use of tax dollars for All Aboard Florida. Address safety issues from increased rail traffic. I believe that the single biggest threat to our quality of life is the All Aboard Florida Rail Project. Many of our leaders have gathered behind me to oppose the construction of high speed rail service that will send 32 trains through our community everyday speeding along at 110 mph. I will continue the fight to keep high speed trains from disrupting our everyday lives. I oppose All Aboard Florida with a solid strategy, not expensive lawsuits.


Stormwater and crumbling stormwater canal walls. (See Press Release) We must request funding through state government agencies such as St. Johns Water Management and create bond money to be financed by our stormwater tax fund. Our expensive asphalt truck needs to be on the road seven days a week to patch and repair existing roads so they do not deteriorate further in the end. It will buy us time and save taxpayer money. Remove the taxes fees and regulations that slow the growth of Sebastian jobs for our families. I will stand up to the powerful special interest groups to protect Sebastian taxpayers. During the recession Sebastian government was looking to raise taxes. He always tries to do more with less. As a city council member of Sebastian, I will campaign hard on stopping wasteful government spending and I will keep that promise to you. I will bring needed efficiency technology and customer service to the city of Sebastian.


Clean up the Indian River Lagoon and provide Septic hookup. Preserving quality of life in Sebastian. Cleaning up a toxic environment is hard work, but we can work together to make change happen.


Create an environmentally-responsible energy policy. Increase solar energy sources. Prevent offshore drilling and prevent fracking. Recycling, solar and wind energy a must. Researching reliable renewable energy and convert street lights to solar panels where we can get away from FP&L costly rates. We need to figure out a way to better recycle and compost, so we can get rid of waste management to eliminate high costs.


Meet with Dale Simchick, former councilwoman who was on the Indian River County school board. See how she can improve our schools for more computer science. See how we can bring the city into the twenty first century with mobile apps and mobile phones.

Cut costs to be more efficient.

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Create more community watch patrol groups. Education on utilizing mobile phones to report and reduce crime.


Emancipate small businesses from red tape. Create business districts to promote better jobs through the community redevelopment association. Promote public and private partnerships. Ensure that all businesses have the opportunity to compete in government contracts. Focus energy on clean industrial jobs at the airport. Promote the Sebastian Inlet for sport-fishing, surfing and camping.


I have never supported a tax increase. I will fight for lower taxes, remove red tape and limit the size of government. I will invest in technology to reduce the budget and make it more efficient. Continuing city advisory committees to ensure public involvement in decision-making.

Parks & Recreation

Adopt a master plan for all parks in the city of Sebastian. We MUST build stronger and better docks with THE Florida inland navigation district so we have facilities available after storms. Increase the number of bike lanes and infrastructure throughout the community. Create a master plan and a marketing plan at the golf course along with making all the necessary repairs to be competitive in the marketplace. Also include the tennis clay courts behind City Hall for marketing and tournament play. Work with Indian River State College on doing a survey of wants and needs to better serve our community residents in Parks & Recreation field. Collaborate with the city of Fellsmere and their Parks and Recreation to see how we can integrate our collective resources to make the North County a destination area.  They have marshes for air boating and great fishing. We have the beautiful intracoastal waterway.


I advocate for high quality and affordable health care. Reduce healthcare costs. Capture the federal healthcare dollars for Florida. Make healthcare cost transparent. Improve access to mental health care. Get with the county and other municipalities to create a wellness program. Keep the future rates of medical insurance from constantly increasing for government employees.

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